WebReview – A Simplified eCTD Submission Review Solution

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As the regulatory world has become increasingly complex over the years, more and more reviewers have needed access to eCTD viewing software to approve submission content and field agency questions. Yet access remains a challenge. Time and resources are needed to set up users. Additionally, local installations limit access to those traveling for business or vacation. Because of these challenges, simple yet critical review tasks can be delayed.

Modern technology is required for our modern regulatory age.

Here at The eCTD Summit we take seriously our responsibility to share the latest industry developments and resources to make the eCTD submissions process more efficient. That’s why we are excited to share with you a simplified eCTD submission review solution.

WebReview eCTD Viewer

Synchrogenix’s GlobalSubmit WebReview eCTD viewer facilitates an efficient and dynamic regulatory review of the electronic submission process by providing Cloud-powered, web-hosted access for all of your global activities.

In the simplest terms, WebReview is a simple, secure solution that works on any operating system and any browser – no installations, no upgrades – just easy anytime, anywhere access. That includes the homes of those working remotely and even the business center at the Bahamian resort where one of your reviewers is vacationing. Gone are the days of being limited by installs, licenses and platform preferences.

With GlobalSubmit WebReview, all you need to review your regulatory submissions is a PC or MAC and an internet connection.

Watch this brief video to see WebReview in action.

Click here to learn more about WebReview’s additional features and benefits, and to request more information.


Author: Rob Labriola

Rob Labriola has 20 plus years experience in regulatory operations for the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Labriola has seen it all and truly understands the frustrations and rewards of moving to eCTD. He has worked on multiple application types (INDs, NDAs, BLAs, CTAs, NDSs, JNDAs and MAAs), and has extensive international experience, having submitted applications to the FDA, Canada, Europe, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, Japan, etc.

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