Should all Documents in an eCTD have a Table of Contents and Bookmarks?

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Most documents in an eCTD submission that have more than four pages of content include a Table of Contents (TOC). When TOCs are present, files are bookmarked to match the TOC. Furthermore, when documents have Lists of Tables and/or Lists of Figures, the documents are bookmarked to match those entries as well. What if documents don’t contain a TOC?  Is it necessary to add one? Not necessarily.

Bookmarks can be used to aid reviewers in navigating content of documents. Best practices are to bookmark up to four heading levels, and include bookmarks for each table and figure in text. Table and figure bookmarks should include the full title of each table and figure. Therefore, all documents do not necessarily need TOCs, but all documents should be bookmarked where it aids in the navigation of the content.

Author: Emily Onkka

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