Free Educational Webinar: Regulatory and the Cloud Vendor Selection

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Software as a service (SaaS, typically pronounced [sæs]), often referred to as “cloud technology” or “on-demand software,” is a software delivery model in which software and its associated data are hosted centrally, typically in the Internet.

The combination of ever-more-abundant bandwidth, increasingly powerful processors, and inexpensive storage is broadening the choices for designing, deploying, and using software. Software as a Service (SaaS)—meaning delivering software over the Internet—is increasingly popular for its ability to simplify deployment and reduce customer acquisition costs.

There are several benefits for life sciences companies to shift their technology operation to the cloud, but in order to realize those benefits it is imperative that your company chooses the right vendor to meet its needs.

That’s why GlobalSubmit is offering a free educational webinar Regulatory and the Cloud Vendor Selection on Thursday, August 16th at 11:00am EDT.

During this discussion, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits of Cloud technology, reasons why choosing the right Cloud vendor is critical to success, and tips on how to choose the right vendor for your company. By the end of this session, you should be able to determine whether or not Cloud technology is right for you, and if so, how to choose the right vendor for you.

Top 3 Learning Objectives:
1. Realize the benefits of Cloud Technology
2. Understand the importance of choosing the right Cloud vendor
3. Learn how to select the best Cloud vendor for your company’s needs

For more information and to register: GlobalSubmit Events

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