An Aggregation of Recent eCTD News

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Some people who read this blog may be aware that I also post eCTD-related updates on my twitter account ( I use this medium to post agency news updates, information I hear from the regulators, and interesting articles or presentations that I come across. For more significant news, I usually follow up with a blog posting.

Recently, several people who read the blog have told me that, due to company restrictions, they are not able to follow twitter updates. In addition, there are certainly people who just don’t like twitter (and I can sympathize as there is certainly a lot more trivia and minutia than useful content on most twitter postings). These colleagues have suggested that I periodically summarize the more interesting information I post on twitter on a blog posting as well. Today, I’m taking them up on that suggestion. For part 1, here is a variety of news I posted on Twitter since February 1, 2010, related to interesting white papers, webinars, presentations, blog postings, and online articles. Next post will feature agency news, documents and presentations.

Interesting White Papers, Webinars and Presentations

Online Articles and Blog Postings

So, to wrap up: if you have made it this far and found “news you can use” in this article, you may want to consider following me on Twitter so you get a more timely update. If you have a twitter account, this is easy to do, but even if you don’t, you can just go to the web page for the latest updates (and the last three tweets always appear on the upper left column of this blog). You may also want to follow my company, GlobalSubmit, at You don’t actually need a twitter account to do this.

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